22 Feb 2017

Dungeness January 2017

First Sightings

The first visit of 2017 to Dungenss RSPB brought some good sightings for me. First up I finally got to see the Long Eared Owl that has returned for a second Winter and that makes the final of the 5 Owls that breed her in the UK actually seen in the wild. I had only a few weeks before seen a Tawny at last light in a tree across the field that backs onto my garden. Since my visit I have seen that the female has now appeared too. 

Long Eared Owl

Moving on further a Chiffchaff appeared by the second hide. A stunning coloured bird and early appearing it was felt by all in the hide. 


Then at the 3rd hide in another rare sight appeared frequently it turned out. A Water Rail, scurrying back and fourth in front of the hide feeding. I had seen one (probably the same bird) pretty much a year to the day at the same spot. This time I managed to get better photos of the bird. 


Further seen in the distance and too far to photograph were a pair of Gooseander, another first for me. We then went to the ARC hide on the otherside of the road to the main reserve and had a pleasant showing in great light of Bewick Swans of some 30-40 in number and rounded of a great few hours of this trip.

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