11 Feb 2017

Woodcock in my Garden!

Two weekends ago on the very frosty Sunday morning, upon opening the curtains downstairs I saw a very rare bird indeed. A Woodcock, casually sitting under the bird feeder station without a care or stress in the world. It occasionally fed around the base of one of the feed stations feet for a few hours on and off. Then around lunch time gradually made its way to the bottom of the garden (charging at 2 Jackdaws that landed in the garden in the process). It then resided between the 2 wire boundary fences for a couple of hours. I managed to get photos of the bird with my long lens shooting through the window. These pics follow the timeline of the bird moving to the end of the garden and even meeting our resident Moorhen that was doing a "What the hell are you?" to it... haha.

Just fed

Looking inquisitive

Back detail

About to charge the Jackdaws


Out in the garden after charging the Jackdaws

Meeting the Moorhen

In all the bird stayed for around 6 hours in the garden. Those 6 hours were one of the most magical I have had the pleasure of with wildlife. I hope it will return one day after being left undisturbed.

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